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Will Your Kids be Christian?
By Bruce Shortt

Many evangelicals were shocked last June when Dr. Albert Mohler, the Southern Baptist Convention’s leading theologian, wrote that it is now time for responsible Southern Baptists to develop an exit strategy from the public schools. But why should it have been shocking?
   For years innumerable, journalists, activists and scholars have been chronicling the metastasizing pathologies of the public school system. Surely few today are wholly unaware that the government’s schools have become foundries of ignorance and bad character. Surely few are wholly unaware that the government’s schools are the nation’s largest pusher of psychotropic drugs. Surely few are wholly unaware that violent crime and sexual abuse of students in the government’s schools are far from uncommon. And surely few can be wholly unaware that the government’s schools now incorporate curricula and programs that both are a threat to our children’s physical and psychological health and are, in many instances, pornographic.
   Moreover, our highly trained education professionals are not shy about informing any parent who questions, for example, the wisdom and necessity of teaching 6-year-olds about homosexual marriage that it is none of their business. And why should “educators” be reticent about making sure parents know their place? As the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals candidly stated in its recent Fields v. Palmdale decision, the power of the government schools has grown to the point that “parents have no constitutional prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual, or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so.” In other words, a child placed in a government school will be trained up as the bureaucrats, judges and special-interest groups who control the government’s schools see fit.

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Home Educators Expo March 30 - April 1
By Jim Day

    In the St. Louis area, we are blessed to have a strong Christian homeschool community. There are many local homeschool support groups located in most metro area counties. Membership in these groups ranges from dozens to hundreds of families.  Offering an alternative to the traditional Christian or public school settings, homeschooling has continued to experience steady growth.
    “Many people think they will be totally on their own when they choose to homeschool their children.  They think they have to do everything from creating curricula to learning about the law to arranging field trips. Area homeschool support groups have learned that by sharing information and providing opportunities for homeschool families to come together and help each other, the challenges of homeschooling their children become less stressful,” said a local homeschool mother of two.
    This year many of the St. Louis area homeschool support groups have come together to host the Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo.  This three-day event will be held at West County Assembly of God Church which is located at 13431 N. Outer Forty Rd., in Chesterfield, MO on March 30, 31 and April 1, 2006.

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Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo March 30 - April 1

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