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A Look Behind America's Immigration Nightmare
Commentary by Dr. Steven Yates

    On April 7, the United States of America narrowly averted—or at least delayed—a disaster. Congress recessed without passing an immigration bill that would have provided a track to U.S. citizenship for well over 12 million illegal aliens. Whether Congress will cave in to the increasingly vocal illegal alien protest movement when they reconvene remains, as of this writing, to be seen. Among the factors holding back the Senate that day were hundreds of angry phone calls to Senators. For a change, middle America spoke loudly and clearly: “we do not want amnesty-for-lawbreakers!”  Maybe our Senators are keeping that in mind since they have to face the voters this November. Because if they sell this country out further, the 2006 elections will be a bloodbath. We The People will send incumbents packing in record numbers. (Well, one can always hope!)
    Unfortunately, stopping bad immigration bills is only part of the battle. Possibly not even the largest part. The real question is: “What, precisely, are we going to do with between 12 and 25 million illegal aliens?” What are we to do when they are being openly encouraged by their own government, via Mexican President Vicente Fox, and not exactly being discouraged by our political and corporate establishment?
    Trying to round them up and send them back to Mexico would create more problems than it would solve. Given the marches by illegals we’ve seen so far, we ought not kid ourselves into thinking they would go quietly.
    I have occasionally heard the argument, “Let’s penalize those who hire illegal aliens with stiff federal fines.”  That won’t happen. Corporations have developed an addiction to cheap labor, after all, and so, indirectly (in the form of lower prices), so has the American public. Even if cheap-labor jobs for illegals were to dry up, for the same reasons as above we shouldn’t think the illegals would just pack up and go home. The entitlement mentality doesn’t work that way. Probably their ringleaders have been watching the disintegration of France. They would conclude they have nothing to lose by orchestrating the same thing here. My guess is, if a federal effort to prevent businesses from hiring illegals was mounted, the illegals would take to the streets. We’d see cars torched here—maybe worse.

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Christian Family Day July 15th
By Angela Boen

    With a brand new stadium and the promise of the Cardinals winning a trip to the 2006 World Series, this year’s Christian Family Day will be a big hit!  CFD is celebrating its 16th year as one of the Cardinal’s biggest ticket draws.  This year’s event is on July 15th against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Game time is scheduled for 12:15 p.m.
    This year’s main speaker is Heisman Trophy winner and Former NFL quarterback Danny Wuerffel.  Wuerffel tells a powerful story as his family fled for their lives as Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home and belongings.  Wuerffel has had many successes in life as he played football for the University of Florida Gators and later going on to win the Heisman trophy award along with a college football championship.  He was drafted in the fourth round by the New Orlean Saints and was at the peak of his career when he gave it up to start an inner-city ministry in New Orleans.  Wuerffel and his wife Jessica began Desire Street Ministries, an outreach to kids that needed a safe place to call home.  Their mission is to transform their neighborhood through spiritual and community development.  Before Hurricane Katrina, Desire Street Ministries was the second largest housing project in the country.  The couple has begun rebuilding their lives and their ministry, and Wuerffel tells a story of hope and encouragement.
    Along with powerful testimonies from Cardinal superstar, Albert Pujols and his Christian teammates like Braden Looper and So Taguchi, lives will be changed as CFD brings in 3000 underprivileged kids through sponsored donations.  The kids along with volunteers will meet at Kauffman Park before the game for a free lunch, clowns, blow-up games, and puppets.  The kids will be treated to CFD’s biggest hit, the Cardinal baseball testimony cards.  Many have come to Christ and have strengthened their walk with Christ as the baseball cards have been shared around the city of St. Louis and around the world to as far as Africa.

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