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"All that is necessary for
evil to triumph
is for good men
to do nothing."

Edmund Burke
January 9, 1795
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"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." - John 3:16 And Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me."
- John 14:6

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A Polical Sermon Guaranteed to Offend
By Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

    I have in my possession a book called the Political Sermons of the American Founding Era. It is a huge volume that begins in 1730 and ends in 1805. The book is full of powerful sermons that cover seventy-five years of America’s religious and political history. It demonstrates how much Christianity defined, crafted, guided, and gave birth to America. It reveals to what degree our infant nation relied upon God’s Word to forge the liberties that we take for granted today. It teaches to what extent our political and social freedoms were directly entwined with biblical truth.
    A good portion of these sermons were specifically written, distributed, and preached to civil rulers. Men of God of yore believed they were duty-bound to hold civil officials accountable to “Thus Saith The Lord!” They were convicted by God’s Word to disciple civil rulers and inspire them to fulfill their responsibilities as “Ministers of God.” Thus they challenged public officials to uphold God’s laws, precepts, principles, and commandments as they related to the civil sphere.
    Today, if politicians make it to church it is merely for appearance’s sake or to garner votes for upcoming elections. Very rare indeed is the statesman that comes to church to humble himself before the crown-rights of King Jesus, hear His commands, and accept his spiritual and civil responsibilities. There are two reasons for this sad departure from our rich political and religious legacy. Number one, most pastors don’t possess the theology that includes a biblical world view of civil government. Secondly, they will not touch political sermons with a ten foot pole for fear of mixing religion with politics. Many believe if they did, they would jeopardize their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Besides, it is a sermon guaranteed to offend.

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Will Missouri Make Human Farming Legal?
By Rev. Stephen Apostolos Cakouros

    It has come to the attention of many of the voters that some technocrats are willing to bring a child to the embryonic stage in his or her development for no other purpose than to harvest from that baby what are called stem cells.  Understandably this is part of a larger picture which prompts the question “should we protect human life?”
    Medical experts differentiate between the types of stem cells that can be taken from a living embryo, which if they are removed will necessitate the death of the donor, and the kind of “adult stem cells” that do not require the loss or suspension of life.  In other words, will we raise children in the same way we do beef?  An Angus cow is bred so that it may be slaughtered.  Will we do this with children also?  In times past, families have had children so that they might work the farm.  Still others farmed out their children to indenturing merchants.  Now it is possible to farm the children, raising them as we do cattle in order to harvest for our own needs their several parts.
    George Orwell entitled his classic The Animal Farm.  Had he lived today his fear of big brother might have prompted him to write The Human Farm.  Very soon farms of the type we are alluding to may be found throughout Missouri and America.  Instead of wearing overalls and muddy boots the farmers on these plantations will don white lab coats.  Let us not mince words about this.  An incubus has descended on the State of Missouri.  His nocturnal visits, intended for the purpose of breeding, may bring into existence a generation of Missourians unlike any other.  This generation will be unique for its coldhearted treatment of the unborn.  If this were to happen, in a state that has on so many occasions been willing to help the poor and needy, it would be a sad thing indeed.
    The issue is clear.  Missouri voters will be asked to decide on whether they should permit medical researchers the legal right to create babies in order to kill them, in the hope that the practice of human harvesting will advance medical science. 

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