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*  The MetroVoice is a monthly newspaper which serves the greater St. Louis Metropolitan area and surrounding communities by providing local, national and international news from a biblical, Christian, world-view perspective.


*  The MetroVoice provides family oriented news, special feature articles and in-depth special focus sections, plus a calendar of events, book, music and movie reviews from a Christian perspective designed to educate and enlighten its readers.


*  The MetroVoice also features informative columns from local notables such as Martin Duggan, former editor of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and host of Channel Nine's Donnybrook; Harold Hendrick, host of Encounter on Christian radio station KSIV AM 1320; Missouri Congressman

Todd Akin; nationally published Christian writer Rhonda Rhea; president of Family Shield Ministries, Kay Meyer; and nationally acclaimed Christian historian, author and speaker William J. Federer.


*  The MetroVoice is distributed through churches, bookstores, hospitals, restaurants, businesses and retail outlets with a circulation of 14 to 20,000 papers each month in over 675 distribution points with an estimated readership of 35,000 to 50,000 readers.


*  The MetroVoice is distributed in the middle of the month prior to the cover date.  As each new issue is distributed, any remaining copies of the previous month are picked up and redistributed to insure that every possible copy of the MetroVoice gets into the hands of a reader.


*  MetroVoice's readership demographics: * Female 63.5%, Male 36.5% * Age: 50% 25-34; 40% 35-54

* Education: 29% attended some college; 30% graduated college; 28% post-graduate studies * Household Income: 25% earn $15-30K; 34% earn $30-49K; 23% earn $50-99K; 7% earn over $100,000

* Occupation: 35% are professionals; 11% are self-employed; 19% are homemakers.



The MetroVoice is non-denominationally and non-politically aligned to encourage unity and activism in support of, or opposition to, those issues which affect the Christian community in particular and local community as a whole.  It supports the biblical doctrines expressed in the ecumenical creeds of the Apostle's Creed, Nicene Creed, Creed of Chalcedon and Athanasian Creed and views both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible as the infallible and authoritative Word of God.


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